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Work WIth Me

You are a unique being with unique needs and I want to honor your authentic being rather than try to have you fit into a restrictive box. That doesn’t serve anyones healing or growth.

My intention with every type of session for my clients is to create a safe space for us. I commit my energy to you by showing up for you as a listener first and then a guide that can provide clarity, attentive care and tools that empower you and honors your authentic being. I intend to guide you in your expansion and honor you as an individual, empowering you to claim your personal power and magic.

I honor mind, body, spirit. My focus is more on mind and spirit but can include with reconnecting with the body on an emotional and energetic level, however I do not do what many may consider traditional body work. All three aspects (mind, body spirit) of you deserve to be honored as well as your shadow and light so they may all work together and integrate.

Boundaries are important to me. I enforce my boundaries and will speak up to them while also honoring your boundaries. I also want to be respectful of your spiritual beliefs and we will often discuss this in our work together.

I have no interest in being a Swiss army knife for you so I will often suggest referrals for other healing modalities/mental health professionals/resources/wellness workers I believe can support you for parts of your healing journey that I do not offer services in.

Almost all of my work requires you to put in effort to do the work (commitment of your energy) on your end. This can look like having the willingness to look inward at more difficult things. This can look like incorporating other tools into your life to support your journey. There are many ways we can put in the work and commit our energy to healing and growth.

There’s no magic wand here. I approach my work as part of your journey, not the end destination or solution for everything. I approach everything as a collaboration between my clients and I.

I deeply value open communication and honesty. I will extend this to you with the intention you extend the same to me.

With that being said I am also human and honor that. I do not participate in “love and light only”. I have roles and responsibilities outside of my career. I don’t check my email every day. I take time for rest, play and nourishment. I take time to connect with my community, family, friends and relationships outside of my career.

In order for me to honor your human experience I must also honor mine. 

I look forward to connecting with you.  Please email me with any questions.


I had a Sacred Serpent session with Nicole. I’m so grateful I did this. This work with her has been healing, insightful, and fascinating. Her spiritual / energetic / psychic healing methods are based in very grounded techniques. She is very open minded and mindful in her practice. Can’t wait to do another session with her soon!

Lora Ladd

Lora Ladd

Nicole is amazing. I’ve done two workshops with her now and I cannot wait to do more. She creates such a welcoming, safe space to practice developing psychic gifts while providing coaching and confirmation along the way. I felt so supported by her to step out of my comfort zone and really connect with my gifts. I am so grateful to have connected with her!!

Samantha Troy

Samantha Troy

Whoa, crazy accurate distance energy reading. Very accurate, beautiful reading. Highly recommended. Thank you Nicole ????????

Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson

My reading was so eye-opening and revealing. Everything Nicole said was spot on, I’m truly in awe. Thank you so much for sharing your gift, I have immense gratitude for the clarity I gained on certain issues.

Kashaya Horne

Kashaya Horne


The Cosmic Authenticity Academy

Believes in shining your authentic light radiantly and treating your gifts magnificently.