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Sacred Serpent Session


The Sacred Serpent Session is a collective of the most powerful death to rebirth energy I have experienced and I am honored to offer it.
People seeking the medicine of serpent may experiencing the following:
-You feel stuck or unaligned in some way (mentally, emotionally, energetically and/or spiritually)
-You feel controlled by past experiences and narratives and struggle feeling present
-You feel an increased amount of emotions you struggle to process (usually emotions like anger, grief, anxiety, confusion)
-You are experiencing a feeling of ‘shut down’
-You can feel or know a transformation/death/change emerging
-You are experiencing a “tower moment
-You are feeling identity loss after going through shadow work and/or the grief involved with this work
-You have a desire to more deeply understand and connect with your inner world
-You are feeling blocked with honoring your desires
If you resonate with any of these, serpent may be calling to you to connect. In this session we work with subconscious journeying somatic healing and energy work with the support of sacred serpents spirits energy. A energetic shedding, clearing and realignment for your death and rebirth experience.
Because of the sacredness and powerful transformation of these sessions I require a consultation call before you book.
This is a two part offering involving one day of in person connection and a follow up remote call.
The first part of this is done in my space at Portland Wellness Collective in NW Portland Oregon.
My space shown in the photos.

A photo of my serpent familiar Asteria who I work with closely and you will receive some of their shedding (she sheds on new and full moons) to have to remember this process, put on your altar or for ceremony.
These sessions are very sacred and I treat them as such.
A consultation call is required for this offering. Please use my Contact Me form to schedule your call.
A monthly donation is made to Advocates for Snake Preservation out of respect to sacred serpent spirit and a thank you for connecting in this work in the spirit realm to help the living preservation of snakes in this realm

“We use science, education, and advocacy to promote compassionate conservation and coexistence with snakes.”
Payment plans available upon request